The policies being enacted to deal with the extreme contagious nature of the Wuhan virus is causing secondary effects, which is exacerbating the economic impact of the virus.  With local governments closing down their economy, workers are being fired and business are going bankrupt.  Panic is driving decision making, turning a bad situation into a nightmare.

With the extreme actions being undertaken with a virus that really only threatens a very defined set of the population — i.e. more targeted protections would do much less damage to the economy, one can only imagine the sh#t show that will occur when the Sixth Seal is opened.

Though Europe and America seem to be the most at panic from the Wuhan virus, their health systems are well equipped to deal with its impact.  However, it is the people trapped in the conflict zones of the Middle East and Africa who are most at risk from the corona virus, as their war ravaged societies are not equipped to care for those who are seriously affected.  Iran looks to have come under the dominion of Death and Hades, as many people seem to be dying in that nation, as the sanctions imposed upon it by America have made it difficult for Iran to care for its people.  Again, one cannot help but wonder if Death and Hades truly reside in America.


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