Christmas will soon be here, and hopefully you will be able to experience warm times with your family and friends.  I just wanted to thank all those who made the effort to find this site and to those whose prayers have helped me through this past year.

It is actually not easy to find this site on the web.  For one search engine (that rhymes with wahoo), no matter what phrase I entered, my site did not show up.  I admit that I have not put enough effort into the design of this site, and I have promised myself in the past that I would take it to the next level.  I recently noticed that there are some website designers in my neighborhood, so at some point in the new year, the site will look much better.

Another New Year’s resolution will be to find someone to help me with my writing.  At my previous company, there was someone who was a Harvard graduate and his prose was amazing.  I will try to find someone to help me to improve the prose of this site.

In a world where the mass media is often muzzled and is mostly full of propaganda for specific agendas, I have tried to bring a honest voice.  My bias is upfront — I try to show how world events fit within the framework of the prophecies found in Revelation.  My thoughts are my own, but I do pray that it is God who is giving me insight.  Just as the protestant movement challenged all Believers to make their own connection with God, this site also asks that you read and think for yourself — ultimately you will be held responsible for your own decisions and actions.

The new year beckons and I look forward to seeing more signs of Christ’s return.  We are in the End of Days, so live one day at a time — and find freedom in doing what you think is God’s will for your life (and don’t forget to put some canned goods and pasta aside just in case).


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