One fundamental goal of the Beast and his agents is the creation of a mega-state, comprised of 10 political merged nations, from which he will initially rule.  To achieve this goal, the agents of the Beast have been waging a war on the sovereignty of the nation-state.  One core requirement for the existence of a nation-state is the existence of national borders — no nation-state can continue to function without a national border.

In America, both the Democrats and the Republicans have just demonstrated their willingness to see the United States be destroyed as a nation.

The bi-partisan border and budget deal agreed to does nothing to address the continuous and ongoing inflow of illegal immigrants crossing the US border.  This inflow has been promoted by the Democrats, with the Republicans doing nothing to stop it.  This bi-partisan deal is just more of the same.  Trump remains alone in his efforts to fight for the sovereignty of America, and its survival as an independent nation-state.


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