An article in Der Spiegel has brought more clarity as to the ramifications of the recent ruling by the German Supreme Court on the ECB’s OMT program(  

It would appear the initial reaction of the media pundits and the financial markets were too optimistic — or rather, their reaction assumed the victory of the elite (and their profits) over democracy (and the interests of the other 99% of the people).  The view of Der Spiegel (who supports the ECB’s illegal actions) is the the German Constitutional Court (aka German Supreme Court) has set forth a challenge to the European Court of Justice — either make the obvious ruling to strike down or restrict the OMT program along the lines spelled out by the German court ruling or risk having the German court move to cut off German funding to the ECB, or possibly even leaving the Euro (and thus, becoming more like Great Britain, a part of the EU but not part of the Euro).

If the Der Spiegel is correct in their views, then we can be looking at the hoped for catalyst for the break up of the European Union, which offers the chance for some countries to leave its embrace.  In the past, we have argued that a break up of the EU in its present form would be consistent with the prophecies of Revelation.  Currently 18 nations share the Euro, but Revelation talks about a 10 nation confederation — a break up of the Euro would mostly likely result in the northern countries leaving the currency bloc (e.g. Germany, Finland, etc).  This would also be consistent with the interpretation of certain passages that the dominion of the Beast represents a resurrected form of the Roman Empire — Germany and the northern nations were never conquered by the Romans.  Should this break up occur, it could be the catalyst that would certainly pop the massive bubbles being created by the massive money printing by the Federal Reserve (and the Bank of China).  A new European Union would emerge — and most likely, the financial, economic, and social turmoil that would follow the break up of the EU would insure that the new EU will be a complete political merger of the member states.  If our hypothesis is correct, that the Anti-Christ will be a false Jewish ‘messiah’, then at this point we will see a move for the US and Israel to join this new political union of nations.  In order for a Jewish messianic period to occur, all of the Jewish people must return to Israel — if America and Israel were to join the new political union, then technically speaking, the new enlarged ‘Israel’ would contain more than 90% of the world’s Jewish population.  Not only would such a merger bring the world’s Jews to the ‘New Israel’, but it would also put the leader of the new political union (aka the Anti-Christ) in a position to gain political control of Israel.  When the Beast then moves to become a dictator of the new nation, he will then technically become the ‘King of Israel’, fulfilling another condition of the Jewish messianic age.  Finally, this scenario would also put the Beast in the position to rebuild the Temple — and to desecrate it upon its completion.

Perhaps you think I might be better off writing fiction novels then writing for this website — and perhaps you might be right.  We do not know with certainty how events will lead up to the End of Days, but with the clues given to us by Revelations, we anticipate how events might unfold.  Over the years, we may need to tweak our scenarios as events unfold, but what we do know for certain is the signs of Revelation surround us.

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