When the third seal is opened, Revelation says a rider on a black horse will be released on the world, and he will be a bringer of famine.  Given global warming and the changing weather patterns that it brings, we can be sure that food production will be impacted.  At present, we can determine that there will be temporary impacts, such as the flash drought that gripped much of America a couple of years ago.  We are now seeing the ripples of that drought as it caused ranchers to sell off their herd — now beef supplies are at historic lows and its price in the supermarket is rising.  California is now gripped in a historic drought.  Assuming that it is temporary, we can expect a price spike in fruits and vegetable for the next year or two.  However, more worrisome is the heatwave and drought gripping Brazil.  Recent weather change research has predicted that the countries along the equator will be the first to see the average yearly temperatures to exceed previously historical day time highs.  In Brazil, this heat is causing a major drought and water shortage and given the importance of Brazilian food exports, this may signal a more permanent decrease in the world’s food supply.

The world’s weather patterns are extremely complex as they are affected by so many different factors — and many of those factors are in a state of flux given global warming.  The production of food will be impacted.  Food inflation will morph into food hyper-inflation given the amount of money being printed by the central banks of the world.  When the Black Rider is unleashed, food inflation will be replaced by food scarcity.

The unleashing of the White Rider may not be felt by the average Believer (to the extent that we may not even know that he has been freed), and the coming of the Red Rider may not impact most Believers — unless you are in the military or living in the countries caught up in war.  The unleashing of the Black and Pale Riders will most undoubtedly affect most if not all Believers.  Then comes the 5th Seal.

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