The euro-skeptic 5 Star Movement captured the highest amount of votes during recent Italian elections, and it was reported to have agreed to form a coalition government with the Northern League.

Both parties have been labeled as ‘radical’ and ‘populist’ by the main stream media, as both parties have been critical of the massive inflow of illegal immigrants into the country, as well as the the influence of Brussels over Italian domestic policy.  The 5 Star Movement has backed away from its calls for a referendum on continuing Italian membership in the European Union and its use of the Euro, however, both parties have agreed to break away from the spending constraints imposed by Brussels (i.e. Germany).

This site has argued that break up of the European Union would occur, in order to reform into the politically merged 10 nation superstate, from which the Beast will rise to power.  Time will tell if these recent events in Italy will prove our arguments to have been correct.  Either way, things in Italy are starting to look interesting again.

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