Today I posted a new section entitled, The Erosion of Democracy and the Ascension of the Beast.  The main point of the argument is that the top 1% have accumulated so much wealth that they will be able to subvert the democratic institutions in America and Europe, to their own ends.  This will go beyond merely seeking to further enrich themselves with the creation of laws that benefit them economically.  They will move to enhance their political control of the nation.  The media will be increasingly used in an overt manner to push the struggling millions to vote as they wish.  Judges will be appointed who will reshape laws to help achieve the goals of the super wealthy, and overcome the will of the people.  The ultimate end will be the rise of the Beast, who will subvert the will of the people and subjugate those under his dominion.
Believers in each nation must fight against the policies of the Beast, and seek to keep their nations free from his ultimate rise.  For those in the EU, they must work to leave that confederation and regain their own currency and independence.  For those in America, they must recognize those policies that help the Beast and work against them.
It feels like we are at a crucial point of time and the outcome of this year’s elections in both the US and Europe will be so important in determining which countries will fall under the power of the Beast.

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