The press has recently reported that members of the US Congress, from both sides of the aisle, are moving to further cut domestic spending programs in order to prevent further cuts to the military budget.  Believers must question why the government needs to spend so much money on the military when there are no declared wars.  It is true that that the government is spending billions of dollars to kill a handful of Arabs in remote deserts, but is it rational to spend tens of millions of dollars per person murdered?
Those issues aside, the main point is that at this point of time, America is the only western nation that has the capability to send a large military force to Armageddon.  In the past I had argued that large cuts to the US military would be a prerequisite in order for a Euro-based  Anti-Christ to march his armies to the Middle East (the location of Armageddon).  However, these cuts would not be necessary if the Anti-Christ were to be based in America, or if America was to also fall under the dominion of the Beast.  In this scenario, the US military would be the main contingent in the Beast’s army.
Conservatives, and traditional Christian voters, have generally supported a strong military, probably from a sense of patriotism.  Going forward, Believers must question the need for such a large military force.  A strong military capable of defending America is not the same as a massive military force that is capable of attacking multiple countries simultaneously.  Given that the Beast will most likely rise in a time of economic and social upheaval, it is all the more important for America to reduce its massive deficit spending and massive accumulation of debt.  Part of that process should be the reduction of military spending.  These actions would reduce the chance that the Beast will dominate America when he rises to power.


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