In a recent post, ‘A New Strategy to Overturn the Second Amendment?’, we highlighted how the Department of Homeland Security ‘mistakenly’ gave full US citizenship to over 800 Muslims who were scheduled to be deported due to terrorism fears.   Soon after this ‘mistake’, there was a rapid succession of Muslim terrorist mass shootings in America.  Unsurprisingly, those seeking to undermine the Second Amendment were quick to propose gun restrictions.

The US federal government is now saying there is a heightened risk of Muslim terrorist attacks prior to the elections.

Since this warning, ISIS has made a call for terrorist attacks on November 8, to disrupt US elections.  As this potential Muslim terrorist crisis has been brought about by US federal government action — both by allowing a massive influx of Middle Eastern ‘migrants’ and as well as the release of over 800 potential terrorists — it has become clear that the agents of the Beast, in their battle to destroy the Second Amendment, are willing to import terrorism as a tool in their efforts.  They have no qualms in facilitating the mass murder of Americans in order to achieve their political agenda.  

As the government is now populated with those sharing the political agenda of the Beast, the American people can no longer count on this government to protect them.  Perhaps it has come time to take up arms, in a legal fashion, in order to defend ourselves.  From now to election day, people can form armed patrol groups, and watch over areas where people congregate — shopping areas, churches, schools, and especially polling places — in an attempt to thwart any terrorist event (brought about by the courtesy of the US federal government).  If by God’s mercy, a group of US citizens were able to minimize the death count of a terrorist mass shooting, it would not only save the lives of innocent women and children, but also strengthen the support for the Second Amendment.  

I believe it has come time for Believers to serve God outside the traditional realm of spiritual help.  Charity and love can be demonstrated by saving people’s lives — through the use of arms for self-defense.  As the shepard defends his flocks from wolves, so can Believers defend the lives of his friends, family, and neighbors — especially when the government is complicit in releasing the wolves.  Act within the law, but form groups and take up arms on election day to defend polling places and other areas where people gather — the government cannot be counted upon to defend its citizens.  Obviously, this can go wrong if you are not full of prayer and are ignorant of the law — do not fuck up if you go down this road. 

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