I am both angered and sadden by the continuous propaganda of the mass media, as well as by the ongoing activities of the agents of the Beast.  Sometimes it is just so vile.  We are in the End of Days, so we must remain focused on what Jesus has told us to do.  Thank God for the goodness in our lives, and pray that He keeps us and our loved ones from harm, as things will not be getting better.

The ongoing trends that we have identified and discussed continue.  Some prophecies have come to pass, and in their manifestation, will be an ongoing phenomena — one example being the dominion of Death and Hades over a quarter of the world.  We can also see the coming of certain prophecies, as those that will occur after the Seventh Seal — we have argued that global warming will be the direct driver of certain prophecies, like the burning of 1/3 of the world’s trees.  The ongoing worsening of global warming is one of the signs of Revelation and its coming prophecies.

Continue to pray and to do what you can to be servants of God.  When things start to get truly difficult, you must be ready to endure in your faith.

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