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The wonders of modern medicine has meant longer and more active lives for much of the world.  Of course, the price of medicine, especially in America, has not been cheap.  However, a recent development may signal the beginning of the end of our current golden age of health —

Bacteria which is resistant to all forms of antibiotics has reach Europe.  First found in livestock in China, the new superbugs traveled to Europe, mostly likely hitching a ride on frozen meats imported to Germany, from China.  What is scary is that it is not just one particular bacteria which can survive all forms of antibiotic treatment — there is now a gene, that can be transmitted to any form of bacteria, that makes the bacteria immune.  Once infected with such a bacteria, there is nothing that doctors can do to help.

We have argued that the fourth seal has been opened, and that Death and Hades have been let loose.  We can see their work in the conflicts that now hold their grip in the Middle East and Africa. Death by war is one result of their work, but Revelation also says they will bring death by famine and pestilence.  Modern medicine has kept death by pestilence at bay since 1928, with the discovery of penicillin — but the birth of the new superbugs, immune to all known antibiotics, has the potential to bring an end to the gold era of modern medicine.  Should these superbugs spread to a warzone, then any wound can turn into a fatal infection.  The risks of the simplest of surgeries would skyrocket, if that hospital was overrun by these new superbugs.

A news story comes to mind, where in Japan, it was discovered that McDonalds and other fast food outlets were importing chicken from China.  For McDonalds, it resulted in a plunge in sales, as Japanese consumers not only stopped buying chicken nuggets, but also avoided the Golden Arches all together.  It would be wise to check where your chicken and other food imports come from.  No need to temp fate with risky behavior.


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