In the past we had made note of churches being burned due to arson attacks, and had argued that they were not expressions of racism, but rather an expression of religious persecution of the Christian faith.
The phenomena of church burnings has spread to Australia, where two such arson attacks has recently occurred —


The motives behind these arson attacks is unclear, and unlike the church burnings in southern areas of America, cannot be written off as a race attack.  However, I would argue that the arson attacks in America were partly aimed at trying to ignite a wider wave of arson attacks against Believers — and perhaps those attempts are starting to take root.


A further spread of church burnings would only further strengthen our argument that the fifth seal has been opened, and that we have entered into a new period where the suppression of Christianity is morphing into outright oppression and persecution.  We await the opening of the sixth seal to confirm where we are in the timeline as laid out in Revelation.


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