Though Trump won the Presidential election, some things will never change.  The propaganda of the mass media fell short this election, and so now they are waging war on ‘fake’ news sites.  The irony is obvious, given that the 24/7 propaganda of most mass media sites is still ongoing.  At some point in the future, the agents of the Beast may eventually gain a complete monopoly over every form of media —  and it will be used to have the world bow its knee to worship the coming secular Jewish moshiach, aka the Anti-Christ.

Trump has been very clear on what he hopes to achieve during the first 100 days of his presidency.  It would appear that he is not a big believer in global warming, as part of his plan to bring back prosperity to the middle class workers of America will be to unleash the domestic hydro-carbon industries — coal mining, fracking, off-shore oil drilling, Alaska oil development.  Whether he does this or even if he doesn’t, Revelation tells us it is too late to stop catastrophic global warming from occurring.  The amount of carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere is consistent with a further rise of 7 degrees Celsius in average global temperatures.  The Arctic is already in a positive-feedback loop.  As the Arctic continues to suffer increases in its atmospheric and ocean water temperatures, more and more methane will be released from the permafrost — both land based and that which is found under the East Siberian Sea.  Once the Arctic starts to experience ice-free summer months, which could happen as early as 2018, there will eventually be a catastrophic methane pulse that will release so much methane, that it will trigger catastrophic global warming events as foretold in Revelation.  We can see a precursor to the prophecy that says one third of the trees of the world will burn.

As temperatures continue to rise, the forests will suffer.  When the methane pulse is released, the rise in temperatures will be so severe that one-third of the world’s trees will burn — releasing even more carbon into the atmosphere.

The attack on the use of currency continues, as Revelation foretells of a time when the Beast will abolish all cash transactions and prohibit anyone from buying or selling anything without his mark on their hand or forehead.  The Riksbank of Sweden continues it gradual phase of cash currency.

India suddenly abolished the use of high denomination bills, which sent that country into a state of chaos.

Stanley Fisher, Vice-Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, served as the head of the Israeli central bank — which has committed itself to the eventual elimination of all cash currency.  One can only assume that he would look to do the same in America.

Back to Hillary, it would seem that even her ardent supporters believe that she is guilty of espionage and corruption — Jesse Jackson, and others, have asked Obama to give Hillary a pardon.

If she were innocent, she would not need to be pardoned, nor be afraid of being indicted and going to a trial to clear her name.  As it is, it is crystal clear that she is indeed guilty of felony crimes.  Unfortunately for Hillary, Obama said that he could only pardon someone already found guilt — perhaps Hillary should have let Bernie represent the Democrats and got the trial over with (if she lost, she could have scored an Obama pardon).

Soon enough though, the agents of the Beast will have more to worry about.  The Italian referendum is less than two weeks away, and it looks like the voters will vote ‘NO’ — the implication is that the current government will fall should this happen.  If elections are called, the 5 Star Movement, an anti-EU party, could form a government — then things would really get interesting.  This would further increase the chances that the EU in its current form would break up.

Though just because the people vote to leave the EU, doesn’t mean it will happen.  The UK voted to leave the EU, but we shall see what happens.  The elites are stonewalling and playing their games in hopes of keeping England in the EU.  Should the 5 Star Movement gain control of Italy, and the National Front win the February French elections, the momentum to break up the EU will be too great to stop.

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