Fallen Angel

Trump has outlined a set of policies that represent a road that leads away from the Beast — and the agents of the Beast are howling in panic and anger.  Trump would strengthen the national sovereignty of America.  Regaining control of the southern border is the most basic use of sovereignty, as is the ability to keep out illegal immigrants and illegal narcotics.  Success in this initiative would also frustrate the agents of the Beast in their efforts to import a voting block that would help them to merge America into the coming European mega-state.

Trump’s rejection of the TPP free trade agreement rejects the surrender of national sovereign rights to global corporations — this ‘trade deal’ would have given global corporations the right to sue governments for any new law or regulation which could be seen as harming their profits.

The agents of the Beast still control the mass media.  The fight to silence ‘fake news’ is merely an attempt to gain a total monopoly over every form of communication.  The Western mass media is seeking to increase the potency of their propaganda by silencing every competing voice — just like Kim Jong-Un of North Korea has done.  In the meantime, the 24/7 propaganda against Trump and his political agenda will continue.

Trump’s electoral victory will also give momentum to those political groups in Europe who are seeking to have their countries leave the EU.  Though the UK voted for Brexit, the elites still plot to reverse that electoral outcome.  Unlike Obama, Trump will not abet in that effort.  In early December, Italy is holding its own referendum.  The No vote is ahead and should they win, the chances of Italy having an anti-EU government come to power increases dramatically.  France has their own elections in February, and the National Front is doing very well in the polls (and given poll rigging, they could actually be in front).  There is great momentum for those who are fighting against the political agenda of the Beast.

The Beast cannot be stopped.  He is coming and will rise to power — eventually.  As Believers, Jesus has commanded us to love our neighbors.  In the End of Days, by keeping the Beast at bay where we can, gives our neighbors a chance to find Christ before it is too late.  The agents of the Beast have a ‘cultural agenda’ of promoting homosexuality and drug addiction — whenever and wherever they win political dominance, homosexuality and drug use increases (e.g. legalization of gay marriage, recreational use of marijuana, the government approval of Oxycodone).  This cultural agenda creates tremendous, and almost impossible barriers between the young and God.  By resisting the ‘political activism’ of the agents of the Beast, Believers can buy time for the younger generation, in hopes of saving some from the Beast’s cultural aims.

The election of Trump is only the first step.  Believers must support the implementation of laws and policies that will lead America away from the coming secular Jewish moshiach, aka the Beast.

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