Sea Level Rise and the Sixth Seal

Sea level rise, as predicted by global warming scientists, is not found in Revelation — and perhaps for good reason.

In a much ignored article, a recent scientific study has found that the bottom of the world’s oceans is sinking.  As the Arctic and Antarctica land-based ice continues to melt, the weight of the ensuing melted-ice water is so great, that it is pushing down on the ocean floor, causing it to sink.  The article did not elaborate on the implications of this research on sea level rise, but if the ocean bottom is sinking, then in a sense it is increasing the capacity of the ocean to “hold” more water.  If you had a bucket with an elastic bottom, the bottom would stretch from the weight of the water, enabling the bucket to hold more water.  As the extent of the “elasticity” of the ocean bottom is unknown, the amount of sea level rise becomes very problematic to predict — it may be very little or isolate to particular regions (the NE coast of America is predicted to suffer sea level rise from the slowing of ocean currents — a very different dynamic).

Sea level rise has no direct connection to the opening of the Sixth Seal (Revelation 6:12), but it does share an indirect one.  We have previously pointed to scientific research which shows a link between polar land-based ice melt and an increase in global volcanic activity.  In Western Antarctica, the region with the highest density of volcanoes in the world, as the ice melts, the concurring reduction of weight results in the land rising (like a sponge, when a weight is lifted off it).  The magma rises with the land, eventually causing an increase in volcanic activity.  What if this is combined with a pushing down of the land under the surrounding ocean?  Might the net result be similar to the popping of a pimple (not a pleasant analogy)? The pushing down in one area and the rising up in another, might be dynamic force that cause a spike in global volcanic eruptions (pimples popping), and cause a super volcano to herald the opening of the Sixth Seal.  This new scientific research lends support to our previous arguments on the linkage between supervolcanos and the Sixth Seal.

As we move further into the End of Days, the realization of prophecy and their foreshadowing, will grow stronger and clearer.

UN Continues to Push the Agenda of the Beast

The new Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, was the UN High Commissioner of Refugees previously.  He has directly called for global open borders — the end of any and every restriction on immigration.

This represents a very direct attack on the sovereignty of nations.  The Anti-Christ will rise over a politically merged Europe, and one of his prime goals is the replacement of the nation-state with a world government (which is intrinsically totalitarian by nature).  We can see that the UN head is going to be very active in pushing the Beast’s agenda.

To help facilitate the destruction of the nation-state and democracy (they are intricately linked), the agents of the Beast are looking to give voting rights to illegal immigrants, aka mass migrants.

By giving illegal immigrants the right to vote, the agents of the Beast will create a massive voting block that will help them win political power and pass laws that will result in the destruction of the nation’s sovereignty.  Just as Hitler proclaimed the Heidelburg Principle, the agents of the Beast have joined in the democratic process in order to destroy it.  The agents of the Beast are using the same tactics of Hitler to win power.  They are the true fascists.

The Fifth Seal

We have argued that the Fifth Seal has been opened.  Revelations 6:9, say:

And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:

We have shown different reports on the massacre of Christians caught up in the dominion of Death and Hades (areas of the Middle East and Africa).  Another recent report documents the persecutions and warms that Christians will all but disappear in many countries.

We have argued that there are two necessary conditions for the persecution of Christians.  The first is that Christians are a small minority of the population.  The second is the presence of a hostile government or other authority.  These conditions are met in many countries in the Middle East, as well as Africa.  However, even in America and Europe, there is the real danger of outright persecution in the future.  We would argue that there are interest groups that have been suppressing and oppressing Christians and the execution of their faith for decades, in both America and Europe.  The percentage of Christians in the general population of the West is falling, and soon non-Christians will become the majority.  As the Baby Boom generation dies out, the percentage of Christians in the population will similarly plummet — fulfilling one of the conditions required for outright persecution.

The presence of hostile groups already exists, and as the gay community increases as a percentage of the population, I would expect that the current suppression and oppression of Christianity will morph into persecution.  As a very early sign of the shifting politics, the city of Palm Springs has an all LGBT government.

Outright persecution of Christians in the West is still 10 years (or more) in the future, but in the very end (if not before), when the Beast rises to power and proclaims his godhood, the second Beast (the false Elijah prophet) will order all those who do not bend the knee, to be killed.

The world is a fascinating place in the End of Days.


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