It is foolish to listen to promises that politicians make during an election year.  The odds are slim that they will deliver on 90% of them – or make that 99%.  You need to look at what they have done in the past and you need to examine where they get their campaign money from.  That is how you can anticipate what they will do once they gain office.

There was an interesting story in the papers the other day.  It said that Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich went to speak at a pro-Israel lobby and attacked Obama for being too soft on Iran.  They all promised that they would make war on Iran if necessary to stop them from gaining the capacity of making a nuclear bomb.  To be blunt, they were after big campaign dollars from pro-Israeli Americans.  The point is that those establishment candidates (i.e. candidates who receive financing and backing from rich and powerful people) are no different from Obama when it comes down to policies of the Beast.

At present, only America exhibits the foreign policies that will be the hallmark of the Anti-Christ.  The Beast will lead his armies to Israel (the location of Armageddon).  Now, only America (among the Western powers) has a large enough military force to invade the Middle East.  Only America (excluding Israel activities) has been militarily active in the Middle East – Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, etc.

America continues to outspend the rest of the world on its military.  This trend has started to change.  Major cuts in military spending are schedule over the next ten years.  That is one thing that Obama has done (part of the credit must also go the new Tea Party member of Congress) which shows a divergence from the path of the Beast.

Ron Paul remains the only candidate who will pull America away from the foreign policies of the Beast.  He would bring back US soldiers from Europe and Asia.  He would stop America from being the policeman of the world, and use the money spend on killing Arabs to help build a better America.  For this reason, many powerful Americans would spend tens of millions of dollars to try to stop him from reaching the White House.

Ron Paul is also the only candidate that will seek to change current fiscal and monetary policies.  The massive accumulation of debt and the accompanying printing of money risks pushing American into the hands of the Beast.  Paul would change these policies and create a firewall to keep America safe and out of the hands of the Beast.  He opposes the uncontrolled activities of the Federal Reserve’s printing presses.  He would stop the continued bailout of Wall Street.  He would seek to build a fundamentally sound monetary system.

When the Beast rises to power, he will take away freedom and choice.  Paul represents the total opposite.  He will remove government from many aspects of people lives, ushering a new wave of liberty in America.  We may not agree with all that may bring, but it certainly is worth the price of keeping America out of the hands of the Beast.

Ron Paul does not have the financial backing that the establishment candidates have, as his policies do not favor the rich or the pro-Israeli lobby (Gingrich’s main money backer is 100% for continued total financial and military support for Israel, and Romney is from Wall Street and gets huge sums of money from bankers).  Ron Paul economic policies – trade, fiscal, monetary – would reverse the trend of the 1% gaining all the economic benefits at the expense of the 99%.

At present, Ron Paul is ignored by the media.  The media does not debate the pros and cons of his distinctive policy positions because they are afraid that should the people actually understand them, then his popularity would grow.   He has not garnered the delegates needed to win the Republican Presidential candidacy.  However, should Romney fail to win sufficient delegates to gain the nomination, then Paul still has some chance to gain access to power.

By their fruits, you shall know them.  Over his political career, Ron Paul has given his views and policies that would lead America away from the path of the Beast.  Because of this, I believe that he represents the best chance of keeping America out of the hand of the Anti-Christ.  The chances appear slim that he will become the Republican nominee.

We all need to keep praying for God to keep America safe from the Beast.  Should Ron Paul gain neither the Presidency nor Vice-Presidency, then I do fear that America will not escape the domination of the Anti-Christ.  Indeed, he may well be an American.


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