The prophesies of Revelations say that the Anti-Christ will come to lead a 10 nation confederation of nations.  He will have his mark placed on all the people under his dominion and that mark will be required to buy or sell anything.  Currently there is only one confederation of nations that share a unified economic market and share a common currency – the 17 nations of the Euro zone.  Though these 17 nations all use the Euro as its currency and have become a unified economic market, they still maintain their political independence.  In order for the prophesies relating to the Beast to occur, two things must happen.  First, the 17 nations need to become 10.  Second, the remaining 10 nations need to become a single political entity.

The current ongoing government debt crisis in Europe is serving as a catalyst that may bring about the realization of both of those conditions.  This past Wednesday (February 15), the Financial Times reported that a French industrial group, Medef, has called for France to support the formation of a United States of Europe.  One of the leading factors for the current debt crisis is that many governments have been borrowing too much money to support their deficit spending, and the outstanding debt has grown to the level where the markets find the risks of lending money to those governments too high.  A political unification is seen as the only way to stop certain irresponsible nations from spending more than they can afford.  In light of Revelations, we can predict that the calls for a United States of Europe will continue.  Over the next 10 years, we can anticipate that Europe will gradually move to fully political integration.  This process may well be speeded up should the current government debt crisis in Europe worsen.

Of the 17 nations that currently share the Euro, a number of governments of smaller nations have received money to help them repay their debts.  Ireland, Portugal, and Greece are most frequently in the news because of this issue.  A separate article in the FT has reported that several northern Euro members are openly discussing the possible benefits of allowing Greece to default on its debt and leave the Euro zone (and readopting the drachma as its currency).  The departure of Greece from the Euro zone would be strong vindication of the current interpretation of Revelations, and would mark the start of the final preparations for the rise of the Anti-Christ.  We would anticipate that leading up to the political unification of the Euro member nations, 6 more countries will leave.  This would imply that the crisis in Europe is just beginning.  It is easy to imagine that the rise of the Beast could well be similar to the rise of Hitler.  Hitler rose to power in Germany during a time of great economic chaos in that nation.  He was seen a savior and as his power grew, took away the freedom of the people.  When the Beast rises to power, he too will take away liberty from the people under his dominion.  Given that the Beast will rise to power in nations that are currently democracies, we can only guess that economic and social upheaval will occur as a precursor to his rise.

In the end, 10 nations will come under the dominion of the Beast – 10 nations that currently are democracies.  I call these nations the Unholy 10, not only because they will be ruled by the Beast, but also because they allowed themselves to fall under his power.  Those 7 nations that escape should count themselves blessed that they chose another path.

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