24/7 Propaganda of the Major Media continues unabated

The “news” (more appropriately labeled as propaganda) continues to serve as the voice of the Beast and his agents, as it continues its 24/7 work to further the agenda of the Beast.  If dwelt upon, it causes anger to rise and the desire to bring an accounting in this life, to the servants of the Beast.  However, Jesus has commanded us to seek to bring compassion to those in need and not to seek to carry out His justice.  With His words to love our neighbors, we must work in a positive fashion, to push back against the efforts of the Beast to establish his rule on this world, and seek to protect our neighbors from his evil — without resorting to violence.  Soon enough, Christ will open the Sixth and Seventh Seals, and with those events, the world will be filled with suffering and death.  Let us seek to help those in need, while protecting our family, friends, and other Believers.

The Fruit of the Italian Navy Taxi Service

Over recent years, the Italian Navy facilitated illegal immigration by serving as a taxi service for the Libyan human traffickers.  The traffickers would tow large rubber rafts off the coast of Libya — rafts and wooden boats with no means of movement (no oars, no engines, no sails).  They depended on the Italian Navy to come, pick up the illegal immigrants, and take them to Europe.  There are now cities in Italy that have been completely taken over by illegal immigrants from Africa.


The implications of this phenomenon are large and is just the start as illegal immigrants continue to pour into Europe.  The agents of the Beast are seeking to facilitate the creation of the mega-state, created from the political merger of 10 soverign nations.  Flooding the targeted nations with illegal immigrants with help weaken their national sovereignty and will serve to aid them in their political agenda.

Investment Strategy in the End of Days

It can be difficult to be fully invested in the stock market and real estate market when you think the opening of the Sixth Seal can happen tomorrow.  However, thanks to massive easing by the main central banks of the world, prices of financial assets as well as real estate has surged massively over the past 7 years.

If you had bought soft commodities in expectations of rising food costs, as foreshadowed in the opening of the Third and Fourth Seals, you would have experienced losses as Russia grain production has soared in recent years due to expanding production and productivity in the Black Sea region.  Even with wheat production problems in America, Australia, and Argentina, any possible supply shortages have been negated by the record breaking Russian production numbers.  In 2010, Russia experienced a sudden heat wave and drought that decimated their wheat crop.  It would take a repeat of that weather phenomena to bring about higher grain prices.

Just because we know the future, does not mean we will be able to time the markets for profits.  Though God will provide for our needs, it is difficult to not want to help by making some money in the markets…….

Four Pissed Off Angels are Bound at the Euphrates River

In Revelation 9:13-16, it is written:

And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God,

14 Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.

15 And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.

16 And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them.

“Two hundred thousand thousand” is another way of saying 200 million.  Only China has the population to muster such an army and as such, most commentators see China as the nation to fulfill this prophecy.  The Chinese have recently begun an initiative called ‘One Belt One Road’.  This initiative is China’s attempt to build transportation links from China to the Middle East (and further west).  This initiative will build the infrastructure needed to transport China’s army to the Middle East — as far as the Euphrates River.  China has also been pursuing a massive military buildup.  They have been stealing military technology from the US and other nations, and have been aggressively using that technology to modernize their military.  The Communist Party of China has been engaged in a war without fighting — stealing jobs, technology, wealth and territory from other nations, without having to fire a shot.  However, Revelation tells us that after the Seventh Seal is opened, outright war will breakout, and a third of mankind will perish.

The Euphrates River runs through Syria, and given the Byzantine nature of the conflict there, Syria is the most likely trigger for the coming global nuclear war (as only a war involving weapons of mass destruction can kill off 1/3 of mankind).  The Syrian conflict is so complicated, it is hard to figure out who is fighting who.  First it was a “civil war”, with ‘rebels’ (with an unknown percentage being foreign fighters, it might be hard to call it a civil war) fighting to overthrow the Assad regime.  Then it became of fight against ISIS, though it was debatable who was fighting ISIS and who was supporting them.  Once ISIS was defeated, Israel could not resist bombing Assad, seeking to provoke another war.  Of course, Iran is now in Syria, with an eye on a future attack on Israel (according to Israel).  Lastly, Turkey has invade Syria to attack the Kurds, who were fighting Assad, but now Assad allies are seeking to protect the Kurds and drive the Turks back.

This site has argued that the Syrian conflict will continue unabated, and will serve as the trigger for the global, nuclear war as mentioned earlier.  The logic is that the Euphrates River, where four pissed off angels have been bound (refer to above scriptures quote), starts in Turkey and runs through Syria and Iraq.  We make the assumption that once the three angels have been unleashed, the ensuing war will start at the place of their confinement.  Even without China invading the Middle East, already we have America, Russia, and Israel — all armed with nuclear weapons — actively engaged in the fighting in Syria.

The Sixth Seal has not yet been opened, and there will be a lag before the Seventh Seal is opened, so there is still plenty of time before the nuclear war begins.  As Believers, we need not fear the future, as in a sense, we have already begun our life eternal — through Christ, we have been given life eternal, so death has no meaning.  Celebrate life and live in peace.

Taking Things to the Next Level

This site seems to randomly appear and disappear on the Google search engine (I can only find it by entering “signs of revelation”).  I am wondering if it is time to start promoting the site more heavily.  One way would be to regularly advertise on Google word searches.  I suppose I could start using social media like Twitter or Facebook, but I have generally avoided all social media up to date.

I am thinking that in the near future, I will find a way for readers to give money, with the sole purpose of paying for advertising and further upgrades to the site.  I believe that it was the prayers of the readers that God answered when He cured my cancer.  I will again depend on the readers to decide whether to take this site to the next level.  If anyone has any ideas on the best way to facilitate payments, please leave a comment.

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