I have attempted to expand certain thoughts relating to the importance of the fiscal cliff facing America.  There are many thoughts that interconnect on this topic, so I will probably end up revisiting this again to explore its different aspects.

Fiscal Cliff – A chance for a new direction

The ‘fiscal cliff’ currently facing America may represent the last chance for America to move in a new direction – one that will not only benefit the people of America but one that will also save the nation from the coming Anti-Christ.

The current direction of US fiscal, monetary, and economic policies will eventually end in great economic, political, and social chaos.  The ‘globalization’ of the US economy has resulted in the wholesale export of manufacturing and other high paying jobs to ‘offshore’ locations.  Simultaneously, lower/entry level position usually taken by the youth of the nation, have been lost to federally sanctioned illegal immigration.  The federal government has even allowed for high paying technology jobs in Silicon Valley to be given to workers flown in from India.  In sum, the federal government has allowed the US worker to suffer from multiple attacks on domestic jobs, with the beneficiaries being ‘global’ corporations.

To counteract the negative economic consequences of this nationwide loss of jobs, the federal government has borrowed money from the same people whose jobs they took (and also borrowed money from the children of those workers), and used it to artificially stimulate the US economy in various spending programs.  When the federal government spends money it doesn’t have, it has to borrow that money from somewhere – generally they borrow from the global financial markets by issuing bonds.  In 5 to 10 years’ time, that money needs to be repaid.  That money comes from current tax payers, and from the children of the current taxpayers.  While the government is spending borrowed taxpayer money, the Federal Reserve is printing new money as by doing this, it makes it easier for private corporations and people to borrow even more money.  This printing of money creates inflation, so the value of money goes down as it takes more of it to buy goods like gasoline, food, and to pay your rent.  In sum, the government borrows money from you to give you a job (as you lost yours because they let it get sent overseas or to supplement your income because they allowed illegal immigrants to depress wages), and at the same time, the government lets the Fed print lots of cash so that the value of your wages goes down because everything becomes more expensive to buy.

This is the dynamic of why the middle class is becoming the lower class, the lower class is falling below the poverty level, and those in poverty are stuck in a miserable life of unemployment.  While the government is causing the growth of this underclass, the same policies are fueling the enrichment of the top 1%, the overclass.  Globalization and the export of US jobs to cheaper nations, has resulted in a significant increase in profit margins.  Combined with the fact that US consumption spending is kept high by the government’s massive deficit spending (borrowing from taxpayers to spend money their money before they even make it), profitability and cash holdings by ‘US’ corporations are at or near historic highs.  The continued exponential expansion of the US money supply also helps to make the overclass even richer.  Excess cash is funneled into the financial markets.  This is why the financial sector – banks and Wall Street – basically doubled their share of the US economy.

If the fiscal cliff is averted and we see a continuation of the current economic, fiscal, and monetary policies, then we will continue to see a polarization in the economic classes in America.  This is weakening democracy as the rich are increasingly able to buy the Presidency through unlimited campaign contributions.  The continued growth of the underclass means that their votes will be for sale as they will be more easily swayed by false promises of economic hope.  The creation of bubbles that must burst, and then reflated by the Federal Reserve to an even larger bubble, and even greater problems in the next bursting, will mean we will continue to economic swings of growing volatility and magnitude.  The end game of such a cycle will be the bursting of a bubble so great, that when the economy reverts back to its natural long term levels, the ensuing political and social reverberations will shake the entire nation.

The fiscal cliff represents a change to the negative trends discussed above.  By stopping the federal government from placating the 99% by creating false prosperity (by looking at Greece and Spain, we see that their deficit spending prosperity was a false one as the inability of those respective governments to borrow has seen their economies return to their natural levels), the country will have a chance to make a new economic environment that will create wealth for the 99% of the people.  The fall in stock prices and real estates will cause economic hardship for some, but the ones that will feel it most will be the top 1% who have received all the benefits of globalization.  The economic slowdown will undercut the ability of the Federal Reserve to make another financial bubble, and this should break the current cycle of booms and busts that they are responsible for.

The implementation of the fiscal cliff will be the first step in redirecting the nation towards a new future, and one that will hopefully be free from the Beast upon his ascension.  Another important step will be redirecting the priority of the nation towards helping the people of America – and paying for that by making significant reductions in military spending and foreign aid.  Should America truly return to it more historical growth trend line of government expenditures, the economy will suffer – again, it has been artificially stimulated by decades of unsustainable borrowing.  To help counteract the negative society affects, the government will need to redirect its military spending towards domestic economic and social spending.  This will be opposed by powerful interest groups, one of them being the children of the Beast.  The children of the Beast want a strong US military as I fear they will seek to use it in the End Days.  Revelation says that the Anti-Christ will lead his armies to Armageddon (located in Israel) – and at present, American has the only military in the West that can successfully invade a Middle Eastern nation.  A drastic reduction in military spending does not guarantee that America will be free from the dominion of the Beast, but surely it would reduce the risks.  The fiscal cliff and the significant upfront reduction in military spending would be a step in the right direction.

The shale gas boom seems to also be resulting in a shale oil boom as well.  With greenhouse gasses causing the Arctic circle to melt, it seems superfluous to worry about environmental damage of Alaskan oil development.  Up until now, it seems like the Federal government basically gives away the natural resources found on national land.  If the profits of oil exploration in Alaska went to the people of America (like in Norway), instead of into the pockets of global oil companies, then allowing Alaska to be developed would be of tremendous benefit to all of the nation – not just the ‘global’ shareholder of private oil companies.  The point is, just stopping the massive government spending is just the first step.  After that, the nation must develop new economic policies that will directly benefit the well-being of the American people.  America policy must not merely cater to the interests of the wealthy, at the expense of everyone else.

This new direction can benefit the earthly lives of all in America and hopefully keep their souls safe from the Beast as well.

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