This site has argued that the scientific research surrounding global warming supports our arguments that we are in the End of Days.  We have further argued that ‘natural’-self-reinforcing warming cycles have been triggered by man-made global warming, which will result in sudden spikes of accelerated warming, which will result in the manifestation of certain prophecies in Revelation.  As such, we can consider this scientific research as friends of faith.

However, we also acknowledge that some scientists just make shit up as they go (given the world we live in, any use of swears words on this site are nothing compared to what we hear everyday) —

There was a separate research piece that argued that conditions in the universe were extremely adverse to life, and as such, though theoretically (according to scientific theory) the universe should be teaming with life, it would appear to be absolutely barren of it.  So here comes this guy, MK, just making shit up — and the mass media tries to give it respectability.

Scientific theory and the Christian faith generally have had an antagonistic relationship — some of it for good reason.  However, that does not mean all science is antagonistic to faith.  There is much that we do not know for certain, from the perspective of faith, but the same can be said of science — scientist make up theories 24/7.

Do not get overly concerned about all these random scientific theories that are being asserted as uncontested truth.  Also, do not automatically ignore all scientific data as if it were pure fantasy.  Be smart.


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