My lack of writing has not been because I have not been monitoring the news, but rather, I feared that if I were to write, my anger and rage over the actions of the agents of the Beast, would result in advocating ideas that were not wholly consistent with the purpose of this website.  I will abstain from venturing into dangerous waters, and remain focused on the (non-political) signs of Revelation.

Following up

Literally years ago, a lawsuit was brought to the highest court in Germany, which argued that the European Central Bank (aka ECB) was in violation of the German Constitution, in its purchases of the government debt of EU members (which included German government bonds).  We highlighted this lawsuit, because the purchase of government debt by the ECB was crucial for the continued existence of the European Union (at that time).  Over the years, the lawsuit was punted back and forth between various courts in the EU.  Only recently has the high court in Germany finally ruled that certain actions of the ECB violated the German Constitution, and as such, the Bundesbank (the central bank of Germany) was no longer permitted to participate in the purchase of EU government bonds by the ECB.  Given that basically, the Euros from the Bundesbank and the German government are the life blood of the EU, this ruling is fairly problematic.

This site has argued that the European Union must first break up, before ten member nations can politically unify their nations into the mega-state that will serve as the base of power for the Beast (as foretold in Revelation).  This ruling by the German high court could serve as one more factor into the eventual break up of the EU, in its current form.


Older research on global warming has been replayed, as it highlights that global warming will worsen to the point to where certain parts of the Earth will become unhabitual by man (without air conditioning).

Similar research was first published a number of years ago, so this is just a rehash (but the timeline has been up to 50 years).  In Revelation, there are a number of prophecies which describe how the world will suffer from tremendous heat in the End of Days.  Given that we have argued that Christ will return by 2048 (100 years from the founding of the modern state of Israel), we would argue that severe heat will scorch the world within 28 years – significantly faster than the 50 years argued for in the study.


Recent Developments

Summer is approaching, and with it comes our monitoring of conditions in the Arctic.  I believe that it is the Arctic which will serve as the trigger for a sudden, and cataclysmic surge in global warming.  We have previously highlighted one piece of research which argued that the PETM global warming (around 130 million years ago), occurred in only a 10-year time frame (most research argues it occurred over thousands of years – still quite sudden in geological terms).

The argument is that once the Arctic begins to experience ice-free summers, the Arctic waters – once free of ice – will warm suddenly and significantly.  This in turn will cause a sudden release of a massive amount of methane which currently lies frozen under the East Siberian Sea.  Literally, trillions of tons of methane would surge into the atmosphere, resulting in global heat spikes that will bring about the manifestation of the opening of the Seventh Seal, found in Revelation.

This year, the Arctic is already experiencing its first heat wave – here are several links.

The Arctic is warming at a rapid rate.  As the Arctic warms, methane is being released from the permafrost, both on land and that found under the sea.  As this methane is release, it causes a further warming.  We must monitor this process, as once the summer ice is gone, we will know that things will start to get bad very quickly.


Ukraine is a country beset by many problems.  Unfortunately, a new one could be emerging.  The rainfall of this past winter and spring has been very low.  This lack of rain threatens to bring about drought in different areas of the country.

The Black Sea area of Russia is also experiencing low rainfall at the moment.

We bring this up, as we have argued that food shortages would occur as the result of the opening of the Third Seal, in Revelation.  At the moment, global grains prices are extremely low, especially on an inflation adjusted basis.  Because of this, we have made an alternative suggestion that the opening of the Third Seal could be related to hyper-inflation, and that the rise in prices suggested by the prophecy relates to overall prices, and not just to that of food.

However, given the eventual emergence of catastrophic global warming, it is only a matter of time before grain crops are severely diminished, and prices rise in a concurrent fashion.  Though certain parts of world, such as Australia and America, have suffered episodes of reduced grain harvests, global grain prices have remained low due to the record harvests of grain in the Ukraine and the Black Sea area of Russia.  For this reason, we continue to monitor grain conditions in those two areas, for clues as to when global grain prices become more reflective of the conditions foretold in Revelation.  Global grain supplies remain abundant, but just like the melting of the Arctic ice, we will continue to monitor for signs of Revelation.


I have avoided talking about political developments in the United States and the United Kingdom, as I am afraid of what I might say.  However, the agents of the Beast continue to do and say anything to win political power in order to advance the political agenda of the Beast.


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