The electoral outcomes of the Brexit referendum and the US Presidential election of last year represent major setbacks to the agents of the Beast (i.e. those working to bring about the rise of the Anti-Christ).  We have argued that the Beast will take the guise of the long awaited, secular Jewish moshiach.  Those organizations who aspire to bring about the political rule of this moshiach will in effect be preparing the way for the Anti-Christ.

Revelation tells us that the Beast will rise over a mega-state.  This mega-state will be comprised of 10 nations that have merged politically.  The only confederation of nations that has aspirations of political union is the European Union.  However, the EU now has 27 members, many of which do not have a desire to abandon their sovereignty.   Because of this, we have argued that the European Union must first break apart, before the forging of the unholy mega-state can occur.

The electoral victory of Le Penn of the National Front could be the catalyst for that expected breakup.  The first round of the French elections will take place tomorrow.  A second round will then pit the two leading contenders of the first round of voting.  A Le Penn victory would trigger shock waves large enough to shatter the EU, and would unleash forces that could destroy the hologram global economy, created by the Federal Reserve and other major central banks.

The book of Revelation does not lay out specifics on how the Beast will rise to power over the 10 nation mega-state, but a Le Penn victory could certainly serve as a catalyst.  The sixth seal has yet to be opened, so many things must still occur prior to the ascension of the Beast, but the signs of Revelation fill the news.  We are very close.

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