Fallen Angel

Stephen Hawkins has been making some negative predictions about the future as of late.  One would think that he believes that we are in the End of Days (smirky face).  However, now he is calling for a world government to deal with the coming calamities.


The opening of the Sixth and Seven Seals will occur in the not so distant future.  The opening of the Seventh Seal will see a quick succession of global calamities, as detailed in Revelations.  Hawkins call for a world government is a prelude — the agents of the Beast are hard at work preparing the foundation for such a government.  When these calamities occur, the mass media and the agents of the Beast will howl for a world government to ‘save’ the Earth.  It will be at this point, where the Beast will make himself known, as he rises to his final place of power, and fulfills the prophecies of Revelation.

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