We highlighted and discuss the possible implication of the mysterious Siberian craters when they first come out last year.  It now appears that there are many more craters than first thought —


It would seem that scientists are still withholding judgement on what is the cause for these explosive craters, which grew from a handful in number to over 20.  Recently we highlighted photographs of methane bubbles which froze in a lake in Canada, which dramatically showed the great extend of methane being released into the atmosphere from the Arctic regions during summer.  One thing the climate change deniers do not contest, is that average Arctic temperatures are increasing dramatically — increasing to the point where the permafrost is melting, and in that process releasing incredible amounts of methane.  Scientists have no idea how much methane is being released, but as average Arctic temperatures continue to rise, the amount of methane being released will increase — creating a positive feedback look that could have catastrophic results.  In a similar fashion, as the average ocean water temperatures increase, anecdotal evidence (many reports of mysterious bubbles in many parts of the oceans) of methane hydrates melting, a similar positive feedback loop exists, which will further accelerate the global warming process.

In order for global warming and its cascading effects to become the source of certain prophecies in Revelation, the rate at which air and ocean water temperatures rise must accelerate.  Given our arguments, that global warming does have a role to play in the prophecies of Revelation, then we would expect to see sudden spikes in global warming, increasing temperatures to a catastrophic degree.  Massive release of methane into the atmosphere from the melting of the permafrost in Canada and Russia, combined with the melting of the methane hydrates found in the world’s oceans, could be the catalyst to bring about those spikes in temperatures.  Only by such an acceleration can one third of the world’s trees burn and one third of the world’s oceans turn to ‘blood’ by 2048.

Much can happen in 30 years time, and like birth pangs, we can expect events to happen more quickly as we get closer to the end, or rather, to a new beginning.

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