red water

There have been new strides in the ability to monitor the growing acidity in the world’s oceans —

We earlier argued that the growing acidity of the world’s ocean may play a significant role in bringing about some of the prophecies found in Revelation.

There are two prophecies which call for the oceans to turn to ‘blood’.  One preliminary scientific report found that higher acidity of the ocean’s water can foster the growth of harmful algae blooms (HABs).  One form of HAB is commonly know as ‘red tide’, as the algae turns the ocean into the color of blood, and it kills all the sea life trapped within as the HAB robs the water of oxygen.

From looking at the satellite photos, we see that the most acidic ocean water can be found near coastlines — the areas most susceptible to red tide.  One phenomena where there is little published research is how the melting of the methane hydrates in the ocean further increases the water’s acidity.  As the ocean’s water temperatures increase, the methane hydrates deposits have begun to melt, release methane into the ocean’s waters.  Whereas this will further exacerbate global warming as that methane enters the atmosphere (further accelerating the pace of global warming), it has yet to be understood to what degree this phenomena will further increase the acidification of the world’s oceans.  Given that Revelation tells us that a third of the ocean will turn to ‘blood’, killing all life found within, we can easily see that the world’s oceans will continue to grow more acidic, in preparation for massive red tides in the future.

Science is a friend of faith, when viewed through the prophecies of Revelation.  God is showing us many signs of the coming fulfillment of the prophecies of Revelation.  One must only know where to look, to see them.

Live in the present — but prepare for the future.


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