I really enjoyed reading the book, “Silence of the Lambs”.  I read it way before the movie came out.  However there is one quote that has stuck with me.  When Hannibal Lecter was teaching Clarice about the mass murder, he asked her, “What is it in itself?  What is its nature? … What does he do?”  The same mode of analysis can be used when examining legislation from the federal government.  Do not pay attention to the stated reasons for the legislation, but rather look at its nature and what it does. For example, federal legislation (copying similar legislation proposed in California) was proposed that would give the government the ability to disable your mobile phone.  The stated purpose is to discourage mobile phone theft – but given all the problems in the country, are we to expect that politicians really care about our mobile phones?  The nature of the legislation and what that legislation does is to give the government the ability and means to restrict private citizens’ ability to communicate with each other.  Once the means to do so are established, the circumstances of the exercise of that power will be broadened over time.  It represents a further expansion of government power over our daily lives.

Another example is the soon to be implemented FATCA legislation.  It requires every financial institution in the world to report any deposits by US citizens to the IRS or face costly restrictions. The stated purpose is to crackdown on US citizens hiding assets abroad to avoid paying taxes. However, what this legislation does is to create a global infrastructure to track and monitor any and all financial assets.  Once the government can monitor your financial assets globally, they will then be in a position to restrict your ability to use those funds – infrastructure required to implement the mark of the Beast.  When the mark is implemented, it will be done so on an international basis (hopefully there will still be some nations that will serve as sanctuaries from the mark).  On the back of this legislation, the G20 has agreed to implement this same reporting structure for citizens of all G20 nations.  Again, the children of the Beast continue to prepare the way for his rise and for his control over the financial system.

Lastly, as we have mentioned earlier, in the stalled immigration reform bill, there are provisions for the creation of a national identification data base.  Its stated purpose is to check whether prospective employees are legal residents or not – but its true nature is to create the needed national ID data base that can then be tied into the electronic payment infrastructure (onto which biometric data can also be added).  Given that this is needed for the implementation of the mark of the Beast, we can be sure that there will be ongoing efforts to ‘formally’ create a national ID data base – ‘informally’, given the revelations on the NSA’s data collection activity and Obama’s attempts to further expand this activity, we can be sure the federal government is already creating a national identification data base ahead of any legislation.

The trends in the growth of the government’s ability to restrict our personal choices, and hence our freedom, supports our arguments that the Anti-Christ will act as a dictator (though the media will certainly proclaim him as our savior) when he rises to his final position of power.  The legal foundation for a massive restriction of personal liberty is being created at this very time.  Given that this is also consistent with the traditions surrounding the coming of the secular Judaic moshiach (e.g. the secular king of Israel and secular ruler over the world), these trends also support our argument that the Beast will wrap himself in a mantle of being the long awaited secular Jewish moshiach.  When the Beast rebuilds the Temple, he will claim it for his own deification, and betray those who had brought him to power.

Look beyond words and discern the true nature of our changing world.

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