The most recent defense budget announced by the Pentagon included a dramatic cut in the size of the Army, reducing the headcount to pre-WWII levels for the first time (

Secretary of Defense Hagel referred to the dire fiscal situation of the US as one driver of the cuts — the other being the mandated cuts that are automatically kicking in due to the sequester legislation.
We had previously argued that in order for a Euro-centric Anti-Christ to invade the Middle East (i.e. Armageddon), the US military would need to pull back from Europe.  In light of our most recent discussions regarding the Red Horseman (who is released upon the world with the opening of the second seal), the reduction in the US military budget takes on more immediate significance.  Should America make the significant budget cuts to its military this year, it would reduce America’s ability to be the policeman of the world.  This means that the more powerful nations around the world will be able to attack their weaker neighbors, as the world’s cop can no longer afford to spend billions of dollars any time it wants.  The Russian move to annex Crimea is a perfect example of this.  The American public is tired of spending billions of dollars on wars that really have little direct impact on the American people (e.g. the proxy wars for Israel in the Middle East) — especially when so many people are suffering economic hardship in America.

Given that Europe ran out of bombs during its bombing ‘campaign’ of Libya, we all know that Europe will not go to war with a major power like Russia, for the sake of Ukraine (a bankrupt state due to its corrupt political system).  Neither will America go to war to keep Ukraine from getting partitioned by Russia.  As America will be required to make even further cuts in defense spending in future years, the question is will this create a power vacuum in the world — which will lead to more regional powers filling that vacuum by attacking and taking territory from its neighbors.  China is the most likely candidate, as they are already attempting to expand their borders at the expense of Japan and several other nations in Southeast Asia.

The identification of the rider on the white horse, unleashed by the opening of the first seal in Revelation, may be a bit unclear.  However, the rider of the red horse will be bring conflict and war to the whole world.  Should China be encouraged by Russia’s successful annexation of neighboring territory, then their move to attack Japan or the Philippines may indeed be the confirmation that the second seal has been opened.  This would surely mean that the End of Days has truly begun — which means the Black rider is not far behind.

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