To be honest, I was slightly surprised when the Guardian came out with an article calling for an all-out NATO-Russia war.

Putin is already at war with Europe. There is only one way to stop him | Simon Tisdall | The Guardian

Previously we made the observation that the Boris Johnson administration acted as if it were in the Whore of Babylon’s camp (as opposed to the Beast’s).  It would seem that our observation has gained further support from this latest development.  It would appear that the Guardian, a UK “newspaper”/”news service”, has firmly placed itself into the camp of the Whore by seeking the destruction of Europe, via a NATO war with Russia.  Russia would no longer hold back militarily in such a scenario, as such a conflict would pose an existential threat to Russia.  Russia would be forced to use nuclear weapons to offset the advantage America has in conventional weaponry — a “NATO” military force would be mostly comprised of US men and weaponry, given the state of European military preparedness.

This site has been making the argument that the Whore will seek to expand the current Ukraine-Russia conflict into a wider NATO war by this November.  It would seem that the propaganda effort is being taken up another notch, with the Guardian calling for the start of WWIII.

Revelation tells us that the Beast will turn on the Whore, prior to the rapture and the Marriage of the Lamb (Revelation chapters 17-18) — which is also tied to the opening of the Sixth Seal (Revelation chapter 8).  It would appear that the Whore’s attempt to drag Europe into the same death and destruction that Ukraine is current experiencing, as well as that experienced by Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, will serve to precipitate the destruction of the Whore of Babylon and Babylon itself.  The implications are so huge, that I am really at a loss at how it will all play out…but it would appear that a massive shit storm is coming.  Believers need to prepare so that they may endure in their faith.  The signs of Revelation fill the world.



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