This site has made some significant speculations about what may transpire between now and November, when the US holds their mid-term Congressional elections.  It seemed appropriate to watch and wait for events to unfold.  The US continues to raise the stakes in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, as NATO is now moving against Serbia, which has refused to tow the line on Russia (via provocations in Kosovo).  Similarly, Ukraine is attacking Crimea and border regions of Russia itself.

I have been wanting to write up a piece entitled “D… t… t… W…” (I still feel it is not appropriate to actually say the phrase).  Every time I read of the activities of the Whore, it makes me think of passages in Revelation, where all of Heaven (including Believers who were raptured) rejoice in the destruction of the Whore (Revelation 19:1-3).  I can only imagine a very bloody scenario whereby the Whore of Babylon is destroyed, but as it will happen very suddenly, it really is a bit of a mystery as to how it will come about.  However, Revelation tells us that the Whore will be destroyed prior to the rapture and the Marriage of the Lamb, so it is coming in one way or another.

At the risk of oversharing, I have recently had a couple of disturbing dreams where I am basically killed — luckily I wake up before actually dying or feeling pain!  I have never experienced such dreams before, so hopefully it is just something I ate.  Luckily I trust in God, and God having blessed me by intervening to cure my cancer, I only but appreciate any extra time I have in this world.  I just think it would be nice to be able to participate in the rapture and the Marriage of the Lamb, so hopefully God will keep me alive long enough for that (God forbid I miss out on the rapture).

Anyway, live in the now, serve God as best you can, enjoy the little things in life, and make some preparation for the opening of the Sixth Seal.  The signs of Revelation fill the world.

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