Sometimes some very ridiculous propaganda comes out of the UK (though nothing like that which comes out of the US).  I watched a TV show that has recently aired, called “The Undeclared War”.  It is a fictionalized work, sort of an alternative reality/history piece, where the UK and Russia are engaged in a cyber-war, where Russia is attacking the UK, via hacking attacks in conjunction with a UK election.

I never took any courses on manipulation, propaganda, or any other sort of media/psychology courses, so I am not really able to give a coherent explanation of the different types of propaganda/manipulation.  However, this TV series seems very much part of a deliberate propaganda effort.  I believe this is the case, especially given that this site has argued that the illegitimate Biden administration will take over state and local election machines this November, using the excuse that they are protecting them from Russian hacking attacks.  This TV show attempts to create the mental foundation to accept such an argument — a case of an attempt at “Inception” (the movie where the protagonist attempts to plant an idea into mind of the subject).

The Whore and the Beast have often accused those opposing their rule to be stooges for the Russians — their deception was conclusively proven wrong in the case of their attack on President Trump.  It would appear that they have not given up on that track of propaganda.

Our argument concerning what will happen this November is not directly attributable to any prophecy of Revelation, so as such, we will have to see how things play out in the coming months — there are bound to be wrinkles and permutations.  However, as the Whore was successful in stealing the last US Presidential election, she will be embolden to do so again with the Congressional elections, especially given her control of the Federal government.

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