We have long argued that global warming will accelerate in an exponential manner.  Our basis for this was not originally scientific.  Rather, we speculated that global warming looked to be the driving force behind a number of prophecies found in the Book of Revelation.  As our estimated window for these prophecies to manifest themselves was less than 30 years (and maybe less than 10 years), global warming would need to rise significantly faster than the climate models that predicated a slow but constant rise.  By researching the internet, we found compelling scientific research that indicated that global warming was going to not only worsen to a much greater degree than the general consensus, but that it would happen in a much shorter time frame.  The world is slowing coming around to our point of view, as newly published research argues that the global average temperatures will increase at a faster rate over time.


As we progress further into the End of Days, the world will be forced to face the reality that there is already enough carbon in the atmosphere to cause average global temperatures to rise another 5 to 7 degrees Centigrade (based on the research of paleo-climate researchers).  Things are going to get hotter, faster, than even the most pessimistic published forecasts.

Science is a friend of faith in the End of Days.


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