Fallen Angel

I always believed that trying to guess who will emerge as the Beast was a pointless task.  People should not waste their time with such useless speculation.  However, one cannot help but wonder about Macron given recent headlines.

Macron, the recently elected French President, seems to compare himself to Jupiter, the supreme god in ancient Roman mythology.  Macron’s use of the Versailles palace, also hearkens to  King Louis XIV, who also saw himself as the Sun God.
The secular Jewish moshiach is seen as a king by traditional Judaic teaching.  Similarly, the Beast will be a tyrant when he rises to power.  Macron’s actions now makes him a prime candidate for both.  Though he is reportedly not Jewish, I would not trust the media to report honestly on the issue.  France has the largest Jewish population in Europe, so it would not be surprising should the Beast emerge from that nation.
Though this should be considered of only minor interest, I could not resist commenting, as the analogies are so consistent with what is to be expected of the Beast/Jewish moshiach.



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