I believe this is a better summary of the same research mentioned previously, concerning global warming.


We have argued that the consensus climate models are wrong, in that they ignore the natural self-reinforcing global warming cycles that have been triggered by man-made emissions of green house gases.  The new research agrees, referring to these natural cycles as ‘slow climate feedbacks’.

This article also refers to the same research that we have used, in arguing that the current amount of carbon already in the atmosphere will lead to a further warming of 5 to 7 degree Celsius:

Prehistoric climate records for the Holocene (10,000-250 years ago), the end of the last ice age roughly 11,700 years ago, and earlier periods such as the Eemian (around 115,000-130,000 years ago) suggest equilibrium climate sensitivities as high as 7.1-8.7℃.


The science of global warming is slowly catching up to understand what the prophecies of Revelation tells us — things are going to get very, very hot and it will happen in a much shorter time span than science is currently predicting.

The signs of Revelation surround us.

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