Voter Fraud

We have argued that one of the goals of illegal immigration is the creation of a voter block that will be willing to vote away the sovereignty of their host nation.  This happens more quickly when they are allowed to vote illegally.  Trump has moved to stamp out this form of voter fraud by seeking data on state voter registrations.  We have argued that California will resist, as it surely has the most blatant abuse.  The Los Angeles Times only supports our argument with their recent editorial.

The cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco have worked to facilitate the illegal voting of illegal immigrants, so it would not be surprising that the state government would have also acted in a similar manner.
This is relevant to this site, as we have argued that the agents of the Beast are seeking to undermine the sovereignty of the nation-state, as well as to erode the foundations of democracy.  Facilitating illegal immigration and voter fraud does both.
Realized Inflation
The Federal Reserve has claimed that inflation in the US is too low.  This has been the justification to pursue historically unprecedented policies to push up stock prices and real estate.  We have argued that ‘realized inflation’, the actual costs of living, has gone up closer to 10% a year, while the official data hovers around 1-2%.  A recent Harvard report reinforces this view.
That research shows that in 2011, 16 million Americans paid over 30% of their income towards housing.  In 2015, that number rose to 38 million.  The bubble in the housing market, which is being intentionally created by the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve, has meant for those people who have to rent, their cost of living has skyrocketed, in tandem with real estate prices.  The massive rises in the cost of living is skewed to the 60% of the population that has not benefited from the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve.  The majority of the families that are still struggling are the ones bearing the full brunt of the high realized inflation.  This is contrast to the top 1% who are conversely reaping huge gains from the Fed’s policies, as the value of their stocks and real estate surge in value.
This is relevant to this site, as we have argued that the Beast will rule as a tyrant, and that the agents of the Beast will work to weaken democracy prior to the ascension of the Beast.  The monetary policies of the Federal Reserve have created a massive wealth discrepancy that is destroying the middle class — an important economic structure that is crucial for the long-term health of democracy.  By moving society back to a wealth distribution more in line with a feudal society (where the king and the nobles control most of the wealth), the Federal Reserve is creating an economy that will result in the long term erosion of its democratic processes.
One Third of the Forests Will Burn
Revelation 8:7 says that after the Seventh Seal is opened, one third of the trees will burn.  We have speculated that the boreal forest, the vast forests that lies below the Arctic circle, could erupt in flames.  The Arctic areas are experiencing increases in average temperatures that are significantly higher than the global averages.  This is already causing a major increase in fires in the world’s taiga regions, referred to in a National Geographic article.
Man-made global warming has triggered natural global warming cycles, like the release of methane from the Arctic region, that will accelerate global warming and cause heat spikes.  As the Arctic region continues to experience these heat spikes, the boreal forest will begin to dry out and burn.  When the Seventh Seal is opened, Revelation indicates that we may witness a forest fire of global proportions.
Ongoing Loss of Sovereignty of EU Member Nations
The agents of the Beast in Brussels have a vested interest in seeking the ongoing loss of sovereignty of its member nations.  The top political agenda point of the Beast is the creation of a mega-state, through the political merger of 10 sovereign nations.  For the EU, illegal immigration has morphed into mass illegal immigration.  The agents of the Beast are using this immigration to flood member nations with non-natives, in an attempt to dilute and destroy national identity.  By achieving this, it will make it easier to force the merging of nations.
In Germany and Sweden, there are so many illegal immigrants that those nations have lost control of many neighborhoods.  The state is no longer able to enforce its laws, as police have ‘no go’ areas, where they are unable/unwilling to enter.  Also, in Germany, Sharia laws are being established by the illegal immigrant.
The national governments of Germany and Sweden more concerned about their own political agenda of creating a mega-nation, than they  are about caring for their citizens.  The agents of the Beast are working 24/7 to achieve their political goals.
Massive Increase in Homosexual Child Abuse
We have argued that the conversion to homosexuality occurs during childhood.  A cycle begins when a gay adult engages a minor in gay sex.  The minor becomes converted to gay-ism, and then proceeds to initiate younger minors through homosexual child abuse.  The direct evidence that this form of child abuse has increased exponentially, can be seen in the number of minors seeking gender change.
The four-fold increase in children experiencing gender confusion are under 10 years of age, and as young as 3 years old.  The normalization of homosexuality is resulting in a surge of gay conversion, as older minors sexually abuse younger minors.  This phenomena means that it is only a matter of time before gays become a significant portion of the overall population.
The conversion to homosexuality creates a massive wall against salvation.  The agents of the Beast are creating a growing population who will prove to be hostile against the dwindling minority of Believers.  They will be the generation of the Beast, who will bend their knees in worship to him.

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