Though I am not sure of the veracity of the contents, there was an interesting article about how the conflict in Libya spread to other parts of Africa.

How the West’s War in Libya Spurred Terrorism in 14 Countries

This site argued that it was America’s attacks on Middle Eastern and other Muslim nations that gave birth to the dominion of Death and Hades.  The above article details how the overthrow of Gaddafi  resulted in the spread of Muslim terrorism throughout different parts of Africa.  This connection was also highlighted in the past as well.

These articles are all supportive of our argument that America played a direct role in causing a quarter of the world to be caught up in conflict and death.  America has not changed, as it is now pursing the same policies in its attempt to push Iran into a civil war.  The question is, can America escape the ‘bad karma’ that it has created?  This site has speculated that a catastrophic supervolcano eruption will serve as the manifestation of the opening of the Sixth Seal — America is home to three supervolcanos, making it the most probable location of such an event.  Combined with the fact that the agents of the Beast are working 24/7 to bring America under their dominion, Believers in America need to make contingency plans.  Perhaps the rapture will occur before things get real, but do you want to gamble with your family’s lives?

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