I have been quiet as of late, though it is not because I went anywhere.  Events continue to be supportive of our arguments.  Our speculation about Biden not finishing his term of office does not look to pan out, but that was not based on prophecy, so that falls under the category of ‘whatever’.  However, if he actually does end up representing the Democratic Party in the next Presidential elections, then that would indicate that the Whore is very confident in their ability to once again rig elections (it should be that much easier now that they control the Federal government).

I have received some comments by readers taking exception to my argument that the Biden administration is illegitimate.  I would like to note that months before the last Presidential election, I was making the argument that the election would be rigged (you will have to look it up yourself), so I was rather proactive in my viewpoint.

The Whore of Babylon continues their attack on the democratic processes and institutions in America, as well as on the sovereignty of the nation.  Society in America also continues its descent into a hellscape, further supporting our argument that America has become the embodiment of Babylon (you will need to read previous Topics and Comments for the arguments).

This site has made the argument that the Whore is looking to expand the Ukraine conflict into a NATO-Russia war.  This is based on the prophecy in Revelation that the Beast will turn on the Whore and destroy her.  The US continues its escalation of the war — at some point, these ongoing escalations threaten a quantum leap in the conflict, making it into an all-out war that will destroy European society.  This would serve as sufficient catalyst for the 10 horns of the Beast to turn on the Whore (you would need to read previous writeups if that made no sense to you).

The world is filled with the signs of Revelation.  DTTW.

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