Fallen Angel

This site has argued that illegal immigration serves to facilitate the undermining of national sovereignty and democracy.  We have previously highlighted how “sanctuary-state” California was preparing to allow millions of illegal immigrants to vote in local, state, and federal elections.  Now, “sanctuary-city” Chicago is moving to similarly allow illegal immigrants to vote.

New Chicago ID Card Created For Illegal Aliens Will Be Accepted For Voter Registration

The agents of the Beast are using illegal immigration to first weaken the sovereignty of the nation-state.  The control over national borders is a fundamental aspect of a soverign state.  Illegal immigrants are now being used to attack the very heart of democracy — the election process — by illegally giving them the ability to vote.

We can see that Beast and his agents are following similar tactics used by Hitler in his rise to power.  Hitler was very effective in his use of propaganda to sway the German people — the mass media today spews propaganda 24/7 (MSNBC and CNN, as well as the major network news broadcasts are prime examples).  Hitler created militant street fighters, called the Brown Shirts, to attack and disrupt opposing political gatherings — the birth of the “anti-fa” now serves that same purpose.  Hitler told his Nazis that they are joining the democratic process with the intent of destroying it — and we can see that the agents of the Beast are similarly working for the destruction of democracy itself, as they attack the very heart of the democratic process.

The activities of the Beast and his agents are highlighted in the news everyday — you just need to understand the implications of the prophecies of Revelation to see it.

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