This entry is about food production (gotcha!).  There was an interesting post on the Smithsonian site

( which discusses the role of domesticated and wild bees in food production.  Whereas it is common knowledge that the domesticated bees play a crucial role in the pollination of many produce products, this article discusses the important role that wild bees play in food production.  The main conclusion of this article is the risk that faces our food supply should the number of wild bees drop significantly.

There are many factors threatening the world’s food supply — drought/flood from climate change, over fishing in our oceans, weeds becoming immune to our pesticides, wheat rust.  Not only is the supply side faces challenges, but the demand side is growing rapidly with world population growth.

Revelation says that a food crisis is on the way, as it will be a prominent aspect of the End of Days.  We can many signs of this impending crisis.  Especially given that the central banks of the world are flooding their countries with cheap money, we can expect to see the rise of grain prices in the futures market to continue to trend higher.  At some point, perhaps as soon as this summer or the next, should the US drought become an ongoing phenomena, then food prices will spike to unthinkable levels as world wide grain shortages develop (given the violent nature of price swings in grain futures, I would not advise amateurs to try to ‘play the market

In the past, food shortages and supply issues have been solved through increased plantings (higher prices makes growing food on marginal land profitable, thus increases total acreage used) and new breeds of grains.  However, should a ‘perfect storm’ of factors impact the food chain at once, and the main key is should global warming cause a long term drought in the heart of the US farmland (which is currently suffering from severe drought conditions), then high food prices will morph into food shortages and the disappearance of food from the supermarket.

I admit that I have not yet bought my barrel of wheat and what not —  but I know that I can procrastinate on important matters.  If you have some spare time this weekend, why not get off the couch and spend some time in your garage by making a food storage area (or basement if you have one).  Baby steps.

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