The children of the Beast have opened a new front in their efforts to create a more decadent society, with the ultimate goal of keeping more young people from becoming Believers.  They are championing the ‘rights’ of transvestite school children to use the restrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex at their local schools.

Their campaign to normalize homosexuality has now shifted to the normalization of transvestite activities.  They are targeting school children as they understand that it is in the early years when sexual habits are formed.

Aside from any moral outrage, the bottom line is that the growth in numbers of homosexuals (and transvestites) means that there is a growing hard core of people who will find it nearly impossible to find God and become a Believer.  As the older Believers of the baby boom generation start to die (hope that doesn’t come off as harsh), the percentage of Believers in the total population will start to fall — perhaps dramatically.  This will give rise to one of the necessary conditions for the persecution of Christians — when Christians are a small minority of the population, they become vulnerable to persecution.

To protest the economic oppression being waged upon the majority of Americans (latest reports is that nearly half of all Americans are receiving some form of government financial support and that nearly half of all Americans have almost no money saved — and to protest the creation of a society that conflicts with the basic teachings of our beliefs, Believers should organize boycott groups to minimize the purchase of new goods, and thus stop giving any economic support to the government and their morally reprehensible laws.

For example, when you need to buy some tools and the local Home Depot has only cheap Chinese imports, take the time to look for used products that you can use to substitute — if you can get them off a friend, then you not only save money but you also deny the government sales tax.  If you can form a small group of Believers to collect and distribute recycled goods, you will not only be able to reduce your economic support of a growingly hostile society, but perhaps even more importantly, you will be able to create a group that can help its members when the great tribulations begin.

Go to your local church and suggest that the church start a recycling group to help the struggling working class (the growth of the underclass is now throughly documented).  The more organized and larger you can grow your local movement, the more you can help others and at the same time weaken a government that is bent on taking away our democratic freedoms.

Maybe we can’t kill the judges and politicians bent on ushering in the rise of the Beast — but we can deny the system the economic support it needs to keep functioning.  Use your time and the money you save by buying recycled goods to support Believers who are struggling now, and help create local economic villages that can be independent from imports and the federal government.  When things start getting bad when the 7 seals are opened, your local Believer oriented village may make the difference between life and death — literally.

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