We have argued that the current economic policies of the federal government are putting America on a path that leads to the dominion of the Beast.  As workers were fired and their jobs moved to offshore sites like China, the federal government was required to engage in ever greater amounts of deficit spending and the Federal Reserve pushed interest rates to zero — and when zero wasn’t low enough, they engaged in a reckless bout of money printing called ‘quantitative easing’.  The combination of these three policies (I won’t complicate things further with a discussion on the negative effects of unconstrained illegal immigration) has led to the greatest inequality in wealth distribution since 1929, to a massive bubble of debt creation in American and the rest of the world, and to another round of financial bubble creation that encompasses the whole world.

I believe that God would not have Believers engage in violent acts against the children of the Beast — to some that may seem like common sense, but believe me, I have given it great thought.  However, the stakes are great, for any country that falls under the dominion of the Beast will surely end in most of the people being damned when they take his mark.

What Believers can do is no longer cooperate with a government that is moving in such contradiction to our fundamental beliefs.  One way to legally protest and fight against a growingly hostile society is to start The Boycott.  The aim will be two fold.  The first will be to seek to pop the financial bubble before it can grow even larger.  Should Believers be able to pop the growing financial bubble early, then perhaps Believers can still contain the effects of the ensuing chaos to the degree that will keep the Beast at bay.  Should the financial bubble be left to grow, its eventual implosion may cause enough chaos as to allow for the Beast to gain dominion over America.  The second aim will be to seek to reverse the negative effects of the current economic policies.

The way to achieve the above two goals is to quit buying new items as much as possible.  At present, so many of the goods for sale are partially or wholly produced overseas — as US manufacturing sites fired their local workers and shifted production abroad.  By refusing to buy any new good (as much as possible), Believers can fight back on a daily basis.  Instead of buying new goods, Believers can work to further build up a recycling economy.  At present there are places like Salvation Army, flea markets, garage sales and the like, where people can buy ‘recycled’ goods.  However, Believers can take things one step further, and make the collection and redistribution of recycled goods more systematic and part of our everyday lives.  One idea is for the local churches to take up The Boycott, and help organize the local community.  One reason for us to purchase new items is our pride, as we do not want to be seen as poor, driving in older cars or wearing older style of clothes.  Just because we buy used cars or wear used clothes means we have to look shabby — we just won’t be ‘fashionable’.  The money saved by not buying new goods can be invested — perhaps in new recycling businesses — or it can be used to make preparations for the coming tribulations.  It would also help to bring together Believers and strengthen our community, as an increasingly negative environment grows around us.

Sucess of The Boycott would not only weaken the children of the Beast and perhaps even set them back 10 years (if the economy crashes and they lose the next set of elections), but it could also help strengthen the community of Believers and help prepare them to work together more closely — something that will become more necessary the closer we get to the End of Days.

Talk to the pastor at your local church.  Call it ‘Eco’ or ‘Green’ or use the proceeds to help those in need — but start reducing your buying of new goods in protest of the economic policies that are paving the way for the rise of the Beast.  Reduce your economic support and in its place, start working to build a new community of ‘Eco-Believers’!


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