We have argued that the Beast will rule as a tyrant, destroying any remaining vestiges of democracy when he rises to his final place of power.  The agents of the Beast are preparing for his rise — one aspect of their preparations is to undercut and weaken democratic processes and institutions.  The movement to “defund” local police departments is related to the political agenda of the Beast.

There is a very specific reason why there is no federal police force (and why the FBI has a very limited mandate) — its serves as a bulwark against dictatorship.  Should local cities eliminate their police departments, crime and violence will skyrocket.  The citizens of those cities will suffer greatly at the hands of criminals.  Social chaos will grow exponentially.  Should the Democrats then be able to successfully steal elections in November, through the fraudulent use of mail in balloting, then the Democrats (unfortunately, the Democratic Party’s policies all align with the political agenda of the Anti-Christ) will create a federal police force to replace local police.  This is just one more step towards the destruction of democracy in America.  The new federal police force will serve as the hands of the Beast, enforcing his will upon the whole nation.

Even if the current calls to “defund the Police” fade away for the moment, the voices will return, as a federal police force will serve to enforce the will of the coming tyrant.

The agents of the Beast continue to work 24/7 to realize the political agenda of the Beast.

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