The Beast will have the mass media blast the world with its 24/7 propaganda, telling the world that its savior has come.  The false Elijah, the second Beast, will perform wondrous deeds and tell the world to worship the Beast as God.  However, no would-be tyrant can gain power without an army to enforce his will against the rebellious.  The agents of the Beast in Brussels are making preparations for such an army.

An EU army would be under the control of the EU bureaucrats in Brussels.  They will use such an army, not to defend the EU from the Russians, but rather, to intimidate or occupy EU member states.  If the EU had such an army at present, it would be sent to Poland, Austria and the Czech Republic to force them to take in more ‘asylum seekers’.  It would have been sent to Britain to pressure them to not hold the Brexit referendum.

The agents of the Beast continue to work 24/7 to prepare the way for the coming Tyrant, the false secular Jewish moshiach — the Beast.

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