Fallen Angel

We have argued that ‘I was born this way’ is the big lie that the media tells about homosexuality.  The conversion to homosexuality occurs when an adult engages a minor in homosexual activity.  That minor then initiates other minors.  It then spreads through schools and other groups, like the Boy Scouts.  In a rare news report, one person shares some of their trauma about their homosexual child abuse.


The agents of the Beast have worked to normalize and promote homosexuality.  It creates an almost insurmountable barrier to God.  The brain almost becomes hardwired and it is very difficult to overcome.  I would speculate that gays will increase as a percentage of the population, given it has been normalized in America by the Supreme Court.  I would also speculate that it will be the gay community that will engage in acts of persecution against Believers when their percentage of the total population becomes significant.

In the end, the gay community will become ‘religious’, as they will bend their knees to the Beast.

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