The struggle between those who want Israel to be a nation-state dedicated to the Jewish people verses those who want Israel to be rolled into the coming European mega-state, continue.

The Israeli Knesset recently passed legislation that proclaimed that Israel is a nation that is dedicated to be the homeland of the Jewish people.  This move can be seen as a counter attack against American and European Jews who are seeking to undermine and root out Zionism from Israeli law and society.  The overseas Jews bemoan the suffering of the Palestinian people (i.e. non-Jewish Israelis who are not permitted to live in Israel), though their real aim is to undermine and attack Zionism as a means to undermine the national sovereignty of Israel.

Paul in 2Thessalonians tells us that the Anti-Christ will commandeer the newly rebuilt Jewish Temple (which will be rebuild on the Temple Mount), in order to proclaim himself God, and to be worshiped by all those under his domination.  In order to achieve this, the nation of Israel must first be absorbed into the coming European mega-state — only by this will the Beast have the power to achieve this goal.

The Jewish civil war for the identity of Israel will continue, and Revelation (and Paul in 2Thessalonians) tells us that eventually the Beast will claim him prize.

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