The Guardian (purveyor of propaganda with occasional news mixed in) highlighted a recent thought piece published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which discussed a number of ideas that have already been touched upon by this site.

The authors conjecture on whether man-made global warming has triggered a number of natural, self-sustaining, global warming processes that will result in global average temperatures rising beyond the 2 degree Centigrade target of the Paris Accords (they literally could have taken all their ideas from this site).  The authors then speculate on the need for a new global governance structure to not only restrict carbon emissions but also to engage in environmental engineering to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere (which plays into the argument that the agents of the Beast will use catastrophic global warming to create the world government to which the Anti-Christ will come to control).

The summers of the Northern Hemisphere will only grow ever hotter as global warming accelerates (due to the strengthening of the natural global warming cycles).  This signs of Revelation truly surround us (especially if you live north of the equator).

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