We have postulated earlier that given America’s reduction in its military spending and its reduced willingness to serve as the world’s policeman, regional powers will start to act up and begin to more aggressively impose itself on its neighbors.  It would appear that Israel is the first to pop up, as some media (I have not put up the links given the lack of major media coverage) have reported that Israel has committed over USD 1 billion to spend this year to prepare for a unilateral military strike on Iran’s nuclear industry, attacking Iran sometime in 2014.

Israel has stated that events in Ukraine show that the US is an unreliable defender of its interests, so they should act unilaterally.  The perceived power vacuum create by the reduction of America’s military budget and activities (I don’t think a lot of the spending cuts have actually cut in yet) has encouraged one regional power to move (i.e. Israel) and the ripple effect from their scheduled unilateral strike against Iran will surely result in even more violence and warfare (and may even trigger the prophesied attack of Russia on Israel — which Israel is suppose to win).  Who knows what country will be next to start attacking its neighbor.

The ongoing trend of climate change and the warming of the globe will most likely create droughts that will endanger the water supply of major metropolitan areas — at that point of time ‘water wars’ may erupt as nations fight over scare water resources.  For example, there are plans in Ethiopia to build a damn on the Nile that threatens to significantly reduce the amount of water flowing down the Nile to Egypt.  This is a perfect example of the type of situation that will bring about war in the coming years.

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