News outlets like CNN, New York Times, national network news programs (ABC, NBC, etc) do not report on certain types of news — propaganda is not only about spinning the news you report on, but it also includes news you steadfastly ignore.  In the past, we have brought up the Catalonia movement to secede from Spain, where hundreds of thousands had publically demonstrated for that cause — and was ignored by every US major media outlet.

Now again, in Spain, hundreds of thousands demonstrated against the fiscal policies being imposed upon them by the EU —

If this were a demonstration for gay marriage, it would be covered non-stop on all the mass media.  To achieve the goals of the demonstrators, Spain would need to leave the EU — something that vested interests are doing everything to stop.

There is another secessionist movement that is making progress — this time in northern Italy.  The Venetian independence movement had a major victory, with a local referendum to seceded winning with a majority of 87% of voters.  It is a symbolic victory as a local referendum on the issue is not binding on the national government.  However, it gives the independence movement momentum to continue its fight.

Local democratic movements to secede from federal lgovernment control are spreading, as more people seek to escape the rule of corrupt politicians and bureaucracies, who put entrenched special interests over the broader interests of the people.  It is a fight worth engaging in as it increases their chances of escaping from the dominion of the coming Beast.

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