As Presidential election time approaches once again in the United States, it is a good time to revisit the ongoing erosion of democracy.  This topic is relevant to this site as the coming Beast (aka anti-Christ) will rule his dominion as a tyrant, overthrowing any remaining vestiges of democratic process and form.

The influence of money in elections and thus on policy/law has long been an issue.  The US Congress had worked hard in making laws to counter the corrupting influence of money in the political process.  All of their hard work was destroyed in 2010 by the US Supreme Court.  In the case, Citizens United vs. Federal Election Committee, the Supreme Court ruling abolished any and all restrictions regarding election campaign contributions.  After this ruling, the rich and powerful have been freed to spend as much money as they please to elect politicans who are ‘friendly’ to their agendas.  This insures that policy and law will grow to be even more skewed in favor of the 1%, to the detriment of everyone else.  As the wealth distribution skews are returning to the feudal period, when the king and his nobles owned the country, so will the laws and institutions come to resemble the feudal period in that their raison d’être (I really hate it when people use French phrases that I do not know, but this is one should know, so look it up) morphs from serving the people to controlling the people.

When thinking about how the ‘activists’ and ‘progressives’ are trying to change society, I cannot help but think of a scene from the Lord of the Rings (yes, I am a Tolkien fan).  Saruman is talking about the orcs and their origins.  He says that the orcs were once elves, but they were tortured and twisted until they became something different — something dark and evil.  I fear that American society is also morphing into something dark and twisted.  Unless something happens to stop that process, it would appear that America will not only fall under the dominion of the Beast, but it will become his bastion.  An eruption of one of the supervolcanos in America might be the only thing that can save America from this fate.  Harsh medicine indeed.


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