Perhaps the only thing I have learned about the dynamics of foreign policy is, that despite any rhetoric that is uttered by the media or the politicians, the driver of foreign policy is the quest for domestic power.  In America, the pro-Israel groups more or less control the major media, and donate tons of money to Presidential and Congressional elections.  It pays off, for in return, America has spent hundreds of billions of dollars attacking Muslim countries and killing, directly and indirectly, millions of Muslims.  Whatever the spin/narrative/bs, the fact is America is a Muslim killing machine — and all because American politicians want to get elected.

Now with that rant aside, we come to the idea that I wanted to broach today.  Perhaps for the first time in history, America is an energy exporter.  The tremendous amount of gas and oil production from the American shale fields made the country energy independent, and recent changes in law allowed US firms to export oil.  Because of this, Saudi Arabia launched a market share war, and the price of oil has crashed.  Now most of the US shale production is not profitable and many other higher cost oil producers are suffering — including Russia.  These are all known facts.

If our supposition, is that foreign policy is driven by domestic political power issues, than will there be a point where both the US and Russia, as oil producers, will more than welcome another Middle Eastern war, for the purpose of propping up oil prices — oil producers in the Middle East will find it difficult to get their product to market should a major war break out, leaving the US and Russia to fill the gap.  Of course this would be an extreme policy choice.  So the question is, what might be a necessary precondition, given our assumption?

I would argue that an economic collapse, perhaps triggered by the implosion of the central banker’s hologram financial world, would be sufficient motivation for both America and Russia to not be opposed to a full scale Middle Eastern war.  Though this is not part of Revelation, it would fulfill some interpretations of an Old Testament prophecy, in which Russia is suppose to eventually attack the state of Israel.  Should an economic collapse occur, and a major Middle Eastern war ensue, then I would argue that Russia and their allies will win.  Only by winning a major war in the Middle East would Russia be in a position to attack Israel, and thus fulfill that Old Testament prophecy (please look it up on Google).

I suppose this was more of an academic exercise as it is not relevant to the prophecies of Revelation, but either way, this looks to be a very, very interesting year.

Note:  This site went down for a few days, as my host company has been very buggy recently.  Luckily it is back up.  I will start meeting with another website designer/host company later this month.  I am not good at this kind of thing (as you can tell by looking at this site), so your prayers are welcomed.

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