The Whore has been doing all it can to break the ties that bind Americans together as a nation.  It has attacked the founding fathers, the family unit, Christianity, the sense of community – and the list goes on and on.  This site has long argued that the Whore (and the Beast) have been attacking both democratic institutions and processes, and at the same time attacking the sovereignty of America.  Causing the disintegration of society is one part of those processes.

These attacks can also be seen in Europe.  However, whether by design or not, the Whore’s economic attack on the European Union via its instigated war in Ukraine, may result in the breaking of the ties that binds the European Union together.

One could argue that what keeps the 27 nations in the European Union is money – i.e., the governments of the nation-states that have joined the EU have done so as they see it as in their economic interests (a simplification, but let’s go with it for now).  For example, when a country declines to accept directives from Brussels, then the free money from Brussels is cut off.  The perfect example is that Hungry has refused to follow orders from Brussels, so EUR 22 billion in funds which were due to be given to Hungry have been cut off.  Should a country decide to leave the EU, like Great Britain did, the EU governing bodies move to threaten and punish that country via hostile economic policies.

However, now, EU countries are being forced to comply with US economic sanctions on Russia (Brussels has forced all EU countries to comply with them).  This site has argued that the Whore provoked the conflict in Ukraine, partly as an attack aimed at the Beast (the force behind the EU).  Given this argument, we can expect the illegitimate Biden administration to continue escalating its provocations in Ukraine – for example, more advanced weapons are continually being added to the arsenal being given to Ukraine.  The longer the Ukraine conflict continues, the greater the economic damaged being suffered by those countries in the EU.

The question is, will the economic damage and societal suffering being experienced by EU nations grow to the point where it will outweigh the economic advantages of being an EU member state?  At what point will it become so obvious that the Whore’s aim is to increase its domination over Europe, that governments of the sovereign nation-states of the EU decide it is time to leave the EU?

This is all speculation at this point.  However, Revelation tells us that the 10 horns of the Beast will turn on the Whore (Revelation 17:16) and will aid in the Whore’s destruction.  This site has previously speculated that it may be possible that Believers and the Beast could actually work together to bring about the downfall of the Whore (though there is nothing in prophecy that suggests that would happen).

One additional notion is worth mentioning.  It would seem all too plausible that the governing bodies of the EU have come under the control of the Whore, at least to some degree.  Given this, there is the possibility that the coming schism between the Whore and the Beast could result in the splintering of the EU.  Revelation tells us that initially, there will be a 10-country union (i.e., the ten horns of the Beast), and as there are currently 27 nation-states in the EU, the implication is that at some point, the EU will need to break apart – it’s just a matter of when.

This site has made the argument that there is a link between the opening of the Sixth Seal (Revelation 6:12-17) and the destruction of the Whore and Babylon itself (Revelation 18:8).  Given this, the coming schism between the Whore of Babylon and the Beast (Revelation 17:16) is of the most immediate interest, as it serves as a barometer for how close we are to the next major event in the End of Days (if your eyes just glazed over, please read previous posts and Topics write ups).

Should our arguments prove to be correct, then 2023 should prove to be full of drama – unfortunately, it’s not a movie but real life, so Believers need to be prepared for all that the End of Days will bring.  However, we can be thankful that God will call us up in the rapture after the opening of the Sixth Seal, and we can all participate in the Marriage of the Lamb.  This is one wedding that you do not want to miss.  Be like the wise virgins (Matthew 25:1-13), and make sure you have plenty of oil on hand.



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